Monday, March 15, 2010

My stupid brother Woo

thinks I'm too spazzy to be part of the Drive Food Lady Crazy gang.

But he's dumb. I'm driving her crazy by GROWING AND GROWING AND GROWING SOME MORE. Mostly in the rear end. Just to make her tear out a little extra hair.

Do you think it's working? Do you? Is it? Huh?

This weekend at the trial 3 different people mistook Dexter for Piper - that's how tall he's gotten. He is 7 months old. She is 7 YEARS old. Oh my...


  1. Solo is taller than Moon and Molly in the back. The front hasn't caught up yet.

  2. but Piper is a pipsqueak!
    I'm impressed that obnoxious puppy behavior didn't give the game away.

  3. Wow! His front end is struggling to keep up.

  4. Surely he must be huge. Thumbs up that he will stop growing some day. ;)
    I do find it rather strange, because I've always had the experience (mostly from watching other peoples dogs) that pups growing up on a raw diet, always grow up much more slowly and steadily, and their body was never really out of proportion as you often notice with other young dogs.
    Interesting to see it otherwise now!

    But he's still really handsome and looking so intense!

  5. My 4 and half month old is already taller than my 3 year old. It happens.

  6. Oh my, Dexter sweetie, I think your butt is trying to reach the sky! You better catch it before it gets too far