Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dexter Stands On Stuff Deux

A few posts ago on Wootube I talked about how Dexter had started jumping up to stand on "stuff"

He is still jumping up to stand on stuff.

My neighbours stood up this old pallet to practice knife throwing (don't ask).

It's been there for a couple of weeks. We walk past it maybe 4 or 5 times a day on walks. Dex has always ignored it, but today, he decided to jump up on it.

Now keep in mind, at NO TIME did I ask him to do this. I was just walking along with all 8 dogs and he threw himself up there.

Attempt #1:

He misjudged and ended up throwing himself over the other side.

So he came back around and tried again:

The end result?

He still regularly jumps up on the trampoline on his own volition too.

Does anyone else have a puppy that just jumps up on things as high as your head? Or is it just mine??


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  2. Well, my parents' dog (a Brittany) can jump up into the bed of their truck WITH THE GATE UP. That's not quite a 5-foot vertical jump.

    (deleted and reposted b/c of SPaG errors)

  3. My pup *tries*. He is very rarely successful at that height and only makes it up about chest height. Then again, hes still very small and only 5 months old. The shelter had listed him as a chow, but there is zero chance he has chow in him. The little brown dog looks like a cross between a pit and a terrier.

  4. Not me. Mine can hardly jump onto the couch. But I do have a cat that likes to jump from the floor straight up to the top of an open door - << boiiinnng >> - and then crouch on the narrow little edge like a vulture, swatting at people as they walk by.

  5. You were just "walking along with all 8 dogs"? All 8? Where did the other 3 come from?

    Dexter is obviously not going to have any trouble with agility - if he doesn't kill himself before then. I must say he looks pleased with himself on his perch.

  6. Mine does, and things well over her head. But then, she's a Jack Russell so I guess that explains it, LOL. At 6 months, she's a bouncy little brat, and a going concern, but man she's fun!

    Ah well, at least he'll have lots of sproing for agility! :)

  7. Arthur jumps on anything that could be an exam counter at a vets office. Which is troublesome when it is a check out counter in a store or a reception desk in a business! Opps!

  8. I have a three-legged dog who can jump a five-foot fence with room to spare without even trying. So no, it's not just you.

  9. I've tagged you for an award!

  10. Great photographs, as usual.

    Tess once retrieved a frisbee from the roof of my sister's garden shed. (We think she accessed it via the four foot garden wall).

  11. My puppy Jackpot can climb anything. She is now almost two, but ever since she was a puppy she has been able to clear five foot jumps with ease. I learned that baby gates were useless since she could jump them with no issue, even when stacked one on top of the other.

    Now that she is an adult and seems to have only grown long and tall, she can jump anything. I say she's part mountain goat as she can climb vertical rock walls with ease.

  12. i love these shots! dexter is gorgeous!!

  13. My (disproportionate, 66lb shepherd mutt) climbs trees! ...Well, did, until she sorta kinda didn't stick the landing when attempting to jump out of one that was way too steep for her. e_e Not so much since.

  14. I wish. My puppy is a big old scaredy dog.

  15. Arwen will jump onto anything she can. I used to think she wanted a better vantage point, but now I know it's because she just has a wild, adventurous hair! My Nyxie is not so brave. She's only lately been able to jump on benches, walls - and only when I ask her to...

  16. Yes. Pete my bc does for the exact same reason Dexter does. I seemed happy one time he did it and now it's an etched in stone behavior. In fact, and especially now while he adjusts to phenobarb, I have to keep an eye on him because he will attempt something that is in no way logical or doable. Note to self: be careful what you laugh at ;-)

  17. I have measured my Border Collie puppy Ellie ''leavitate'' to heights of 6ft and more....she's all legs and is only 15 months old....