Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brothers and Sisters VI

Here's brother Ace!
ace at barn spring 2010 047

"i think ace is just over or at 20" not sure what he weighs , how much does a bag of skin and bones weigh . high drive fast very smart! other than the many new dirt tracks now in my back yard , blankets , every plastic container , crate bedding , half a bag of dog food , hot tube cover , anything you write with , all being treated as if it were some tasty i must have treat, he is a great guy that likes to cuddle and is very smart so no you cant have him back even though you need you yard re landscaped"

ha ha!!

No posts this weekend, we'll be at the AAC BCY Regionals in Abbotsford. Stop by and say hello to Dexter!


  1. I love Ace! Oh, and Scott's o.k. too...

  2. Such a sweet, attentive face!

  3. SUCH a handsome face. What a remarkably good looking, talented, nicely put together, intelligent, high drive "oops" litter.

  4. Ace is and ACE! Have a Great time at Regionals! Take lots of pictures!