Monday, June 7, 2010


Dexter's mum, Tess!

She is so little, we don't know how she had all these mondo children! But we know where they got their beauty from :)


  1. You did a good job, beautiful Tess!

  2. Lovely! Does she get to see her offspring and does she play with them?

  3. Kota's mum is teeny-tiny and he's 22.5 inches at his shoulders and weighs 38lbs (will be more once he stops looking like I'm starving him), so it's not just Tess!

    She is utterly gorgeous though.

  4. Hard to say for sure with this sideways picture, but she seems to have the same intensity Dexter has?

  5. Tess really looks a lovely dog and her progeny are all so handsome too. However, as owner of another "Tess, " I am more than a bit biased!

    It is funny how many collie bitches across the globe are called Tess. My husband was walking ours in the local country park a few years ago. A family stopped to ask about her and their daughter (named Tess) was almost distraught. It transpired our dog was the third Tess they'd met that day...... The little girl was very p*ssed off at her parents for giving her a dog's name!