Monday, November 2, 2009

Dexter IS tri colour

Check out the tan on his chubby little cheeks

He also has brindled tan on back legs.

What, you don't believe? :eyeroll:

He's growing like a weed. He is all belly and legs. He went for his first walk on the dykes yesterday and rolled down a hill, and thought it was fanTAStic!
I will try to get better pictures of Dexter's tan markings soon. Still unpacking and unpacking and unpacking ...


  1. How'd you come up with Dexter?

  2. His cuteness!!! It slays me!!!

  3. That first picture is what you can use to blackmail him when he's all growed up.

  4. Awww, I adore him!
    It is really neat to see the tan come in.
    Arthur has so much more now than he did as a pup!
    I love Dexter's name, and can't wait to see more photos of the handsome lad.

  5. Looks like he is settling in nicely. How is the new place? Hope everyone is adjusting quickly. Dexter is adorable and I know you are enjoying him. Puppies....ahhhh.

  6. despite how he came to be yours, i believe you got the pick of the litter! what a face! what focus! how completely adorable!

  7. Brindle ones go faster! (sez Zephyr)