Monday, November 16, 2009

Reaching for the stars


Ears are both going in the same direction today. Sort of.

Brother Sagan (formerly Franklin)


  1. Too cute for words. :)

  2. Sagan looks like his mama! Pointy and sharp and lots of tri. Mellie wants to know if you are feeding Dexter a Charlee Bear or a mini marshmallow.

  3. I like floppy to the side ears - less wind resistance for more speed in agility! Have you had reports on the growth rate of the rest of the litter? Who is biggest/littlest and where does Dexter fit in size wise?

  4. Everyone is around 13lbs, girls included, except Schroeder who weighs in a hefty 15lbs already! Schroeder was always a little heavier than Dex though - but he remains the biggest for sure!

    I was "feeding" Dexter a plastic eyeball from a stuffie I confiscated from his mouth 5 seconds earlier. He never did get it back ;-)

  5. dexter is far and away the cutest of the bunch!
    any word on how Maeve is faring over on bowen island?

  6. I'm really enjoying your posts and so glad to have found your blog while researching border collies! I've been watching my friend's bc mix on and off for a while now, and he's made quite an impression on the household with his energy, intelligence, and downright snugly cuteness.