Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

This was this morning's view from our living room.


It's a bit of a shock for the sensitive tushie of a summer-born babe.

He was much happier to sit in the sun with his big sister.


  1. omg...... his ears are still ridiculous! :)

    if Dexter gets too cold, I'm sure Woo will happily lend some pork-y for the road...

  2. I seriously do not understand how you can stand how darn cute he is. Makes me sqeal everytime. and I come look at him everyday! I just want to squeeze him and kiss his little ears.

  3. He really does have an incredibly intense stare. Cute as he is, I don't think I could ever live in a house with a dog that stared at me like that. I would become completely paranoid that under his adorable demeanor he was secretly plotting my demise.

  4. Dexter is far too nice to plot anything nefarious! He is genuinely the nicest, most keen to please puppy I have ever had, except for Briggs.

  5. You're lucky that the leftover pup in the litter was a BOY! Boys don't plot your demise... they leave that to the bitches!

    Can't wait to meet the little sucker.

  6. his face is too cute! he always looks surprised!
    "OH! Thats cold on my tooshie!"
    "OH! The sun is warming me up!"