Saturday, December 12, 2009

You're nuts

Meets his cousin Hayden for the first time, decides to pretend he doesn't see that Hayden is a whacko

What a polite boy! NOT.

My little, cute, well mannered puppy has morphed into a bratty, obstinate adolescent, literally overnight! He took a dump on my bed, he chomped my foot when I ignored him and he tried countersurfing; he snarked at Mr. Woo over a box of chicken and made a rude gesture at the cat. Seriously, he's gone bad!


  1. Maybe the snarkies are 'cause he is teething? I read recently on another list about a puppy that went from mild mannered to chompy & confrontational and they discovered it was because his big teeth were coming in. At what age do the baby teeth come out?

  2. Mellie suddenly became awful at about 14 weeks... a little ahead of Dex Gone Bad, but then, she is a small precocious girl. Enjoy! I'm pretty sure it got better eventually.

  3. The joys of teenage puppies. NOT. Good luck with that, it's a trying time. On a side note, he looks very handsome in this pic.