Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Too Little, Too Late

I know I am supposed to take a photo every day, but periodically time just gets away from me and a couple of days will pass without me managing to find the time to do it.

Fortunately, while Dexter is growing fast, he doesn't change *that* much from day to day. So here are 3 photographs from this afternoon - use your imagination and pretend they were taken over a 3 day span.

Here's what Dexter would have looked like on SUNDAY, if he had been playing with The World's Most Obnoxious Squeaky Ball, courtesy of Auntie Robyn, who bought it only to torture me.

Here's what he would have looked like yesterday whilst "hiding" behind a blade of grass so he could sneak up on Piper without her noticing.

And here's what he looked like this afternoon, while hanging out in my driveway looking like a grown up dog! (and waiting for me to get my shit together for our afternoon walkies)

For Christmas this year we got the regrettable 'gift' of the return of one of Dexter's brothers on Christmas Eve :( I feel like I failed the little guy by placing him with anyone who would just hand him back two months later. I promised each puppy a forever home, and that didn't happen for this one, so I feel like I let him down. We have renamed him Sean and he'll be up for adoption again shortly.

If you want your very own Dex Bro, send me an email and tell me a little about yourself, and I'll tell you more about Sean and the kind of home he needs. I WILL be extraordinarily picky about his next placement.


  1. Sorry to hear the puppy came back. At least the lil' guy has you to count on.

    Why does Dexter's fur look like it has some brown patches? Is that just puppy fuzz making its way out?

  2. So sorry to hear about the "gift". Fingers crossed for the little guy the next Home wILL be FOREVER. *Good vibes to him*

  3. Don't focus on the failing feeling, focus on the fact that this little pup is going to wind up in the best house ever! Seriously, he came back to you for an upgrade. (I unfortunetly know how you feel. Poor little booger)-sigh- It will all turn out better in the end. How is the little guy? Hopefully his whole puppy world hasn't been rocked.

  4. It wasn't your failure, it just wasn't the right house for the pup!!! Things always happen for a reason, even if you don't see it now!
    Hugs and belly rubs,

  5. I think the reason he was returned was to cure me of my puppy lust!

  6. BFL, I think the brown at the edge of the white glove is tan coming in... but the brown stuff in his body fur is just undercoat. Mellie's is like that, kind of fig colored. She's a black/white with no tan at all. FL, am I right?

    Sean will find the BEST home this way. Look at it this way (and I know you have) -- better now than when he is 8 months old and that much harder to place. The door is still wide open. And it is better for the first adopters to make the break clean, even if judgment errors were made.

    Speaking from long rescue experience....

  7. Aw! 'Sean' will find that special forever home. Puppies can be tough...we all know...

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  8. Don't mind me, I'm just squeeing because Dex's ears are so damn cute like this :-)

    Sorry to hear the pup came back. I guess it's better than if they'd kept him but everybody including the pup was just really miserable. At least this way the little guy has another shot at happiness.

  9. He's looking so grown up! Is he going to be ashort-haird BC?

  10. Boy am I glad that I live on the other side of the continent, because I am seriously wanting a second dog and Dexter's birth family are just entirely too adorable. But a puppy is the absolute last thing I need in my life at the moment.

    Unless you tell me that TDBCR adopts out to the East Coast US, in which case ZOMG SEND HIM TO ME RIGHT NOW!

  11. I agree, you said nothing that made anyone look bad; just stated the facts and your disappointment and feeling of failure. Some anonymous person really has a chip!

  12. *sigh* Here was my second chance, and I just yesterday, agreed to adopt our foster dog, because my husband can't live without him.


    RDM, I know you'll find a great home for Sean, though I understand his coming back is disappointing.

  13. CDB, I don't know what his coat will do. He looks an awful lot like - the spitting image of! - his daddy. He will probably have a medium length coat, as his fur is too long to be smooth, but he's not really fluffy like, say, Journey. He may be more like Piper, sort of a medium coat. Not heavy like Wootie's coat.

    The 'brown' patches are just lighter colouring in his coat. Many black dogs are not truly black - Piper also has brown/red 'highlights' so to speak. However, Dex has brindled back legs and tan highlights on his cheeks, which are just part of his colouring. All of the litter were tris because both parents are tris.

  14. Hoping Sean finds his forever home very soon.