Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another one

from the weekend.

This morning I noticed he is just a shade shorter than Piper at the withers. Wow is he ever getting big!


  1. we should start some illegal gambling as to his final size. : )

  2. Sigh-the other day I looked outside and thought I saw Molly batting at the puppy-then I realized it was THE PUPPY batting at Molly-they are very close in size now.

  3. That's not a dog - it's a giraffe with a short neck.

  4. He's got leggggs, he knows how to use 'em...

    (I'm not even sure I've got the words right, so just go with it.)

  5. Gambling! Okay, I'll be bookie!

    The closest guess as to his weight on his first birthday, without going over, wins! The winner splits their takings with TDBCR! (all monies to TDBCR and a 8x10 photo and pawprint of Dexter to the winner)

    I'll wager $20:
    20.9 kg or 46 lb.

    Carol G.