Saturday, January 30, 2010


You may need to look at this photo carefully to figure out what's going on, so I recommend clicking on it to view it larger.

This is Dexter mid-flight. Somehow, he has managed to hide all of his giraffe legs and only show off two pink feetsies. This photo makes me laff and laff :)

He jumps really high and far - he has a helluva stride on him. I'm seeing visions of off-courses dancing in my head!


  1. Makes me think of two little pigs feet, the two center pads on each foot seem to stand out and look like pig's trotters.
    I guessed right on the midflight picture though:)

  2. Those are rear feetsies? Too cute!

    You're already a runner, right? Perhaps you also need to take power and speed drills at the gym just to keep up with Dexter on the agility course. He looks like he will be a terror on the course!

  3. At first I thought he was lying down on the ground. Then I read your caption, that he was in mid air! Amazing shot!

  4. It's amazing to me how differently my three BC's move-they are the same breed-but very different individuals. It's not a structure thing as much as it is a brain thing-their brains all work differently too.

  5. Food Lady, how do you get such clear shots of fast movements? Mine always turn up blurred (it's a point and shoot, though). Can point and shoots take speed photos?