Friday, January 1, 2010

First walk of the year

and we shared it with Dexter's sister Ginny, and his brother Ace! Ace is smaller than Dexter - shorter I mean, as Dex is all giraffe legs and Ace is more proportionate. He is VERY sweet and friendly. And all my hard work socializing Dexter has paid off, as he played nicely with Ace instead of trying to kill him.

Ginny ran circles around them both!

Unfortunately, it has been monsooning more or less all day, so my camera had to stay home. Here's a photo of Dex from yesterday, looking concerned about something. He tends to get this expression on his face when I don't throw the ball right away. It's hard to watch ALL the other dogs and anticipate where they're going to run at once, you know.

ETA - Ace's dad just sent me this photo he took with his cell phone from this morning:

From L-R: Dexter, Ace and Gin
(see how tall Dex is compared to the other two?)


  1. have to say it was fun walking with all the dogs on the 1st walk of 2010 they all got along , not bad for a sea of border collies a jack russell and a puppy lab . dexter was very respectfull as were all the dogs you can the high drive in the peanuts gang anybody who one of these little guys should feel very lucky i know i do . aces dad

  2. Looks like Dexter is going to be a big guy!

  3. I find myself smiling, because I remember one of the things you wrote about Maeve was that her body was like a barrel on 4 stilts, or something like that, and that she wasn't built to be an agility dog.

    Knowing how badly you want another agility dog, I hope Dexter's coordination will catch up with his legs! And personally, I hope his ears don't get "tall" -- I love the flopped-over look. :-) So much fun to see him with the siblings, too.

  4. Do you think Dexter is just growing "faster" than his sibs or do you think he is really going to be that much bigger than the rest of them? I would expect Ginny to be smaller, as most breed-specific females usually are.

  5. Dexter is not actually bigger than all of his siblings - he has a brother who is much bigger than him. Ace seems to be on the smaller side. As for the females, they may not be wee females when they grow up. I had a rescue litter of 4 - 3 females and a male. The males was HUGE. Two of the females were larger and only one was wee. Time will tell!

    Maeve was built like a hot dog with 4 toothpicks for legs. No bend to her at all, straight shoulders ... Dex is tall, but he's extremely bendy. He folds those legs down and creeps along like a spider ;-) And his ears won't stand - standy ears have had them up for a while now, his are going to be floopsy for sure!

  6. speaking of Maeve, did you have a chance to visit Shoofly Farm and see her total twin?

  7. Oh that's what I was looking at? I didn't get what I was supposed to notice. He does look a little like Maeve, though not that much really. She has way more intense ears ;-)

  8. I follow a large group of relatives of my dogs-who are related as well. My Moon is a tiny, lithe male who has the flexing skills of a python-he's all about rapid starts and stops. His half sister Molly, is built like a small tank and we are working on flexing-but she had muscles almost from the time she came out of the womb-she's a powerful dog.

    She was also slower to develop. I don't jump my pups at all, and was under the impression that Molly was not capable of it-then at 11 months she couldn't put the breaks on fast enough and sailed over the top a tall X-pen. I have new found respect for my tank dog.