Friday, April 16, 2010

Something wicked this way comes

Beware the Dexter.

He's like an evil cartoon of himself.
dex hdr


  1. Randy from Tampa Bay:
    Even The Great doG has a sense of humor...warped beyond our comprehension : )
    He's too cool for school

  2. I guess I am the odd man out - the harshness of this picture seems a dis-service to Dexter. A matter of taste I am sure but I much prefer the soft black and white pics of him.

  3. so, the mouth is trying to look evil, but the eyes tell the truth

  4. This has got to be one of your Woo-off designs! I love, love, love this! Probably helps that my Border Collie has the exact same ear configuration, but this captures so much of the personality, and is often what I see when I get a nose tap while sitting at my desk. I like the exaggerated colors too- it looks like a print. :)