Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brothers and Sisters II

"Hoot Man Bad Dog"

22" at the shoulder and a whopping 43lbs of bones and hair!

"Hoot's new name is Hootman Bad Dog. He's been super naughty & pesty this week. He makes up for it (mostly) by also being uber-snuggly. He just smashes his ill-mannered little head into my chest and leans in for a good scratch. He's actually been a great dog- drives us nuts a lot, but we haven't had a puppy around in 8 years. We're spoiled on our nice older dogs :)

Hoot has recently started showing intense interest in stock. He definitely has great feel for sheep- I think he's going to be a quiet, powerful stock dog. I'm still planning on sending Hoot out for training this winter. Then hopefully we'll hit the trial field next year."


  1. Whoa, that's a big BC! Glad Hoot found such a great home!

  2. Yay, Hoot! (Hoot was formerly Sean, right? So glad everything has worked out for him.) I'm glad someone in the family is actually interested in sheep! :)

  3. Another big and beautiful guy!

  4. You ought to put puppy pictures in with these posts Food Lady. It would be really interesting to see what they looked like little compared to now without having to hunt 9 months back in your archives and guess which puppy is which dog!

    However, 43lbs?! Holy, that's a big dog! In the genes, eh?

  5. Hoot is WONDERFUL! I know that expression on his face well, along with that pesky naughtiness, that uber snuggliness, and that chase-the-tail game when tired... these pups are all very similar :-D I need help with a picture of Gin... SHEEEEEEEEEENAAAAA! Help!?!

  6. Yeah, Hoot is huge! Nick, my 6 yr old stockdog weighs in at a very lean 42 Lbs. I promise you, there is not a bit of fat on Hoot's body, either. I've resigned myself to having an enourmous Border Collie. At least I'll be able to see him over the backs of the sheep :)