Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Snake in the grass



  1. Rattler, cobra, garter, boa?

    OTS, I met a 3-4 month old female BC out cycling the other day. Stopped to talk to the guy walking her. Made comment, "Ooh, you've got yourself a cute little package of trouble there!" Turns out she is his parents' dog, who he was walking because they are older and can't get her out for (longer) walks. In surprise, I blurted out that she was quite an active, busy dog for older folks. (Editorial comment: OMG!) He said they have a large yard and throw the frisbee for her, and she is a "house dog". I did say something about training her to do lots of tricks to stimulate her mind. I wish I'd said something about rescue, "if" she turns out to be too much dog for them. (Editorial comment: OM @#$% G!!!) I hope I'm wrong in thinking the situation has disaster written all over it.

    She was DARLING. Not fearful of the bike or the lady with a weird thing on her head (helmet). Too bad border collies are so incredibly attractive. Gets lots of naive people into situations they aren't prepared for... and gives people like you lots of work to do.

  2. I love these sepia-like black and white shots. On his feet or on his belly or up in the air he is all focus.