Monday, February 15, 2010

All the world's a stage

Doesn't it look like I took these in front of a backdrop instead of real scenery?

In this one, he's trying to sneak up on his sister. He thinks she can't see him in the tall grass.

In this one, he is trying to let you know that only half of you obeyed the Tips Down directive, because that ear is pointing to the heavens forever, my friends. The other one has no such aspirations.

I do realize I missed a couple of days. While I try really hard to keep up with the 365 theme, sometimes I just can't get a photo or a chance for a photo!


  1. My Border Collie had ears like Dexter for at least a few weeks. Then one day, the errect ear went down and he has sported helicopter ears every since. However, when something really seriously grabs his attention, one or both of his ears will stand up.

  2. You more than make up for missed days when you come back with new pictures. Tips down, Dexter. Or, at least, tip down, you funny boy.

  3. I did write 'tips down, Dex' but I fear he may have listened more to my inner monologue, which went on the lines of "But one-up-one-down just looks SO DAMN CUTE!"

    Sorry. Really. I'm sorry. For srs. *nods*

  4. ya, sorry. I tried to think "tips down" but I just couldn't! Pete has exactly this ear set and it's so absolutely perfect, and the best of both worlds. I knew I picked Dex as my "pick" out of this litter for some reason! Now I can add his ears to the list :) I'm so happy for you!!!!! (haha!)

  5. I love the one up, one down look... he wears it well.

  6. I miss the one up one down days. Maybe they shall return.