Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh brother


Brother Sean is staying with us for the week. As you can see, he is a perfectly normal sized puppy with symmetrical ears and a cute little EVEN heart on his forehead.

Dexter, OTOH, is ginormous, with beady little peepers and ears that defy description.

Phooey. Tips all over the place, Dex.

They are getting along quite well.

You know what they say ...

The family that excavates together

...plays together

Sean is hanging out with us until Friday, when he goes off to his new forever home. He's going to be a real live working sheepdog!


Well, after he plays with Dexter.


  1. I was going to question the size difference in the first picture by saying Sean had a floppy sit while Dexter (tips down, Dexter)was sitting straight. But the size difference really shows in the digging picture. Both handsome boys.

    How do the other Woofs and a Woo feel about a second puppy?

  2. that's so fun to hear about sean's new forever home with the woolies! he sure is a good looking pup, but i love the photos of dexter's unpredictible ears. thanks for sharing your stories & giving us all a virtual puppy fix.

  3. As cute as Sean is with his heart head, I love Dexter's little quirks! Like his ears! And his crazy giraffe legs!

  4. they all remember one another don't they?

    my mom's dog had the CRAZIEST ears as a puppy. they turned every which way, just like dexter's - in, out, up, down. she's a mutt though, so who knows what's in those genes.

  5. Wow, they might be twins? Or darn near it. They both have white socks, the same white tip on the tail, white ruffs...the only diff is Sean has a blaze on his nose and different marking on the chest.

    Love seeing Dex grow up. Your blog was the inspiration behind my Thirty Days blog (www.jenniferannphotos.blogspot.com). I experiment with different shots and some work, some don't. I post them all just the same.

  6. Wow, they might be twins? Or darn near it. They both have white socks, the same white tip on the tail, white ruffs...the only diff is Sean has a blaze on his nose and different marking on the chest.

    And he's smaller, and has a different ear set and different eyes, different head shape and a different build... you do realize all the things you point out that they have in common are things pretty well ALL border collies have in common, right? :)

    To me they don't look very similar at all. They don't even move too similarly really. And of course, I think Dexter is FAR more handsome ;-)

  7. ZOMG! Sean is unbearably cute! I hope it's not just the photo & that he really does have a pointy nose. I love pointy dogs :) T-3 days till Sean comes home...

    As for twins... well, they are littermates, after all. Bound to be some similarities.

  8. Solo-man points out there is nothing wrong with strange ears or being large or having a tail that touches the ground cause it's growing so fast. Big boys have to stick together.

  9. I actually think Sean and Dex have gotten to be VERY different looking in the face! It's not just the marking. The eyes are totally different, and the face shape. Dex is more masculine all over.

    Sean is soooooo lucky. I don't believe in fate, I'm tragically left-brained, but what a great cosmic turn of events that his first home decided it was a lousy fit, eh?

  10. love this blog - I get my puppy fix, and my cats are still speaking to me.

  11. They're both gorgeous, and it's a joy to see them playing together.

  12. I think Dexter is far cuter. Reminds me of my Ike with ears that didn't match until he was 9 months old.

  13. Dexter looks so much more mature, Sean is still puppyish. You're right too, Dexter is more handsome.

  14. Thanks for the Sean and Dexter photos! Maybe there'll be time for a playdate with Ginny before he leaves. Such a lucky puppy to get the home that he deserves!

    Ruedi did a good job with Sean :)

  15. Sean looks a lot like Paddy, markings-wise and how they hold themselves. Btw I think Dexter stole Paddys uppy ear. He's lost it and we actually really loved it! Can't wait for a play-date now the Padster has acquired a few more manners.