Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today my landlord

stopped by to fix something. He bent down to greet the dogs and he said to me "Where's the puppy?"

I pointed to the dog he was patting.

My landlord did a double take and said "Shut UP!"

heh heh heh.

Dexter's a big boy now.


  1. and a truly lovely specimen of a dog he has come to be, outside and (mostly) in (when he is not in puppy class being snarky)! i adore his intensity and his impish nature.

  2. Gosh he's looking so grown up! I see that ear is up again!

  3. I keep looking at Solo trying to find my puppy. He's too busy being a big boy to want to mess with that puppy nonsense any longer-unless it will buy him some extra loving....LOL.