Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Get out of our blueberry fields!

Just about every day we walk way back to the end of our property, along the river and through the blueberry fields. Today we discovered workers in the fields for the first time. I'm not actually sure we are allowed to walk back there, so we did a quick about face and left.

Dexter's recall is so good! He comes flying when I call.


  1. Oh the wonderful RECALL! I'm still working on mine....

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  2. I started using a high-pitched "Heeeerre" instead of "Come" because it is easier to shriek that word, LOL. My hound mix had been pulling a Woo until I started carrying treats and yelling "Heeeeeerre". I don't think I let the problem go on long enough to poison the "come" command so I might go back to it for indoor use.

    Lucky you to have such a responsive pup! Dexter sure is a great little guy.

  3. Many dogs have wonderful recalls at this age. The true test is the dreaded Six Month Threshold.

    Any way to find out whether the berry fields are off limits?

  4. Can Dexter teach Mr Woo?

  5. More than likely they don't mind you walking in the blueberry fields. As long as the dogs don't do any damage, that is.

    I walk my dogs in the vineyard next door. Sometimes we play ball there too. And they don't mind at all. Now, I will ask permission first before I go ride my horses there, but only because horse hooves can tear up the grass planted there.